The rapper XXXTENTACION left behind a significant musical legacy and a passionate fan base that transcends generations despite passing tragically too young. Fortunately, his music will live on, and each song he has composed is a unique work of art with a unique voice. He served as an inspiration to millions of others who shared many of his feelings, ideas, and values. The multidimensional musician and his followers connected mostly over their mutual appreciation of music.

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1. How To Heal A Broken Heart (Why Am I So In Love)


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The artist’s work was largely characterized by a gloomy setting, and it portrayed a level of suffering that was difficult to ignore. This mood was prevalent in the artist’s work.
He had a talent for playing straightforward instrumental pieces that not only complemented his passion but also provided his words the space they needed to grab the listener’s attention. He was talented in this area.
His ability to maintain speed while also freeing his mind in an artistically transparent way allows him to hover above the rhythm. It is difficult to listen to this song without getting caught up in your own emotions, however, a lot of people have said that it has helped them get through some difficult moments in their lives.

2. Carry On

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The entire song, which the musician opted to include on his album 17, may be heard there. In it, he expresses his opinions on a number of divisive topics. This song was chosen by the artist to be included in his 17th album. The kick drum’s low pitch makes it sound like someone’s heart is thumping in the background, while the beat’s low fidelity quality gives the impression that it was sampled from an ancient tape. Harmonies support the performer’s vocals and add a nice ambiance to any voids in the song. These harmonies support the performer’s performance by complementing their vocals. There are pauses scattered throughout the album that serve the purpose of drawing the listener’s attention to the music and the message that is being delivered, while the performer sprinkles in a few words here and there.

3. Revenge

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The music on this CD was primarily produced using an acoustic guitar and a basic acoustic drum set. One of the elements that contribute to the song’s swing is the straightforward bass line that unites these two instruments. Although XXXTENTACION is known for his harder, slower music, “Revenge” has a distinct feel from other songs. The author of “Revenge” is XXXTENTACION. Even though most listeners categorize the singer as a rapper, this song is a brilliant demonstration of the artist’s flexibility. His musical output has demonstrated a wide range, and this album is a particular high point.

4. Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares

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The artist had a great level of consistency with his songwriting throughout the little period we worked with him, and he recorded as much as he was able to. One of the reasons 17 is one of his most well-liked albums in his catalog is that it captures many of the artist’s ideals at the time it was created. 17 was a project that actually made an impact on his fans. Since XXXTENTACION was never one to hide his true feelings, his music exhibits a level of candor and honesty that is unheard of in the modern music industry. This is due to the fact that XXXTENTACION never held back his opinions. XXXTENTACION had a reputation for never holding back his true beliefs. The song on this album is without a doubt among XXXTENTACION’s best works. It has a strong progression and an incredibly high replay value, both of which add to the record’s overall quality.


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He favored working on slow-paced recordings, but he never shied away from working in faster-paced boom-bap genres, since his wordplay was surprisingly good. He was a very versatile musician. A significant portion of his music has a wide variety of genres and flows, which may range from spoken word to sophisticated bars and rhyme schemes that seem like completely other artists wrote them. In addition to the dogged dedication with which he approached his job, these are some of the qualities that made him stand out from the crowd. The song “RIOT,” which has a sound that is reminiscent of the 1990s, is an excellent illustration of how easily the artist can switch between various types of musical genres.

XXXTentacion has released some of the most noteworthy music of the past year, and if you haven’t heard his music yet, now is the time to check him out. His tracks are dark and introspective but also packed with energy and a catchy melody. If you’re looking for an artist who will challenge your musical taste, then XXXTentacion is definitely worth checking out.