The rapper XXXTentacion‘s tattoos are evidence of his public stance on mental illness and sadness. By penning songs on nihilism and anxiety, the late rapper carved out a niche for himself among the millennial audience. Dahseh Jahseh When Ricardo Onfroy was slain in an armed robbery in 2018, he left us much too soon. His legacy nevertheless endures since his songs broke records on several streaming services. His music videos have received billions of views on Youtube, and he is one of the most streamed musicians on Spotify. Here is a detailed breakdown of all 5 tattoos by XXXTentacion and how each one represented mental health difficulties.

1. XXXTentacion Tattoos – Alone On His Left Eyebrow

XXXTentacion tattoos alone - XXXtentacion Shop

The fact that xxxtentacion’s songs raised awareness of mental health was a major factor in his success. His songs of alienation made it clear that he feels alone in the world. He still felt alone and lonely in a world with more than 7 billion people. This is the reason why he had the word ALONE inked above his left eyebrow.

2. XXXTentacion Tattoos – DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR on Right Cheek

XXXTentacion death before dishon - XXXtentacion Shop

It is really unsettling to watch a famous star with tattoos all over his body that screamed loneliness and sadness, yet no one seemed to connect the dots. On his right cheek, xxxTentacion has the tattoo “Death Before Dishonor.” Rapper XXXTentacion was praised for being a devoted buddy by a number of his close friends and peers.

3. XXXTentacion Tattoos – Broken Heart near Left Eye

XXXTentacion broken heart tattoo - XXXtentacion Shop

XXXTentacion had a brief life, but within it, he experienced a number of heartbreaks. He even composed a song about his first breakup, which altered his outlook on life. His girlfriend’s betrayal had such an impact on him that he got a shattered heart tattoo on his face. It was one of his very first body art pieces.

4. XXXTentacion Tattoos – 3 Dots above and below Right Eye

XXXTentacion three dots tattoo - XXXtentacion Shop

XXXTentacion also had a number of tattoos that drew inspiration from Chinese mythology and mysticism. The two sets of three dots on his right eye were one of these patterns. The three dots are based on the well-known Chinese proverb that states that every person goes through three stages in life: the beginning, the peak, and the end. The three dots, according to XXXTentacion, stand for birth, ascent, and death.

5. XXXTentacion Tattoos – Happy Face Sad Face Mask on Right Bicep

XXXTentacion theater mask tattoo - XXXtentacion Shop

The Broadway theaters served as the inspiration for this mask tattoo design. According to XXXTentacion, life is never the same every day. Every day is unique. On some days, everything goes according to plan, but on other days, your luck runs out. Both sides of life are represented by the masks.

It’s no secret that XXXTentacion is one of the most popular rappers in the world, with his music being enjoyed by fans of all ages. With that popularity comes a lot of tattoos, some of which are definitely NSFW. In this article, we’ve selected five of our favorite XXXTentacion tattoos and explained their meanings. Be sure to check out our other articles on tattoos for more great ideas! Locate our website if you are a die-hard fan of XXXtentacion!